5 Best Restaurants Near Time Square

So you are looking to visit New York City, and plan on staying the Time Square area of NYC. Maybe you have plans for the theater district of NYC? Well, here at New York Creators, our focus is on the best of NYC.



R Lounge


Looking for romance in New York City or wanting to let loose with your best friends, the ultimate guide for the best restaurants in New York City, specifically in the Time Square area, absolutely worth checking out if you are visiting New York City this year before 2019 begins and our updated list of the best restaurants in New York Time Square area takes lift. If you are traveling to New York City time square area, we recommend checking out these restaurants.

Victor’s Cafe is Cuban Restaurant Deliciousness

Victor’s Cafe is right off of 54th Street in Midtown Manhattan in the Hell’s Kitchen area. This place has the best Cuban food in the city. Hands down known for the great Cuban food. If you are looking for stand out Cuban food in NYC, check this place out. Victor’s Cafe was originally founded up on the Upper West Side in 1963 and moved down to 54th street in the theater district.  Victor’s is NYC’s  best cuban restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen and the Theater District

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