A Look At Toronto Tech

Toronto is gaining a reputation for technology. 2017 was a big year for Toronto. Competitiveness goes to Toronto for their tech talent pool. They were fourth behind the Bay Area, Seattle and the U.S. capital.

At the SmartCities NYC Conference taking place last week, Google recently announced that they would be looking to Toronto to build their new upcoming hub.
Toronto is a place where Tech talent thrives. Google’s parent company just reached an agreement and it’s an exciting time for tech in Toronto. Google is eager to build a city.

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city

So, what makes Toronto tech game so exceptional? Low prices on real estate and low cost of wages to begin with. People love Toronto. Toronto’s tech boom is going to be incredible.

Did you know that the CN building is using VR to sell to customers? From the waterslides of the United States to Toronto, VR is leading the way. Massive VR experiences are underway.

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