Artificial Intelligence in New York

New York City’s dominance in the field of artificial intelligence continues with growth in 2018 and expectations moving in to 2019 to be similar with job demand high and labor shortage in New York competing alongside Silicon Valley’s growth. This demand for developers and engineers of artificial intelligence is creating a fierce battle for attracting eligible candidates knowleadgable in AI and deep learning capabilities. With the competition coming from both cities, machine learning is becoming an integral part of most major industries. Creating AI that is not just smart, yet also benefits society by solving some of our more serious issues is the focus of many companies in New York City. Superintelligent algorithms and new applications are being designed to produceĀ  sollutions on a massive scale.

AI and Future Solutions

We are inching closer every day to solving complex real-life problems with AI solutions. Within the industries of energy, environment, food and water, and transporation, AI capabilities are being developed in order to advance us closer towards solutions. With new technologies and applications driving us forward, developers in New York City are determined to create viable solutions by working alongside AI.

NYC AI Startups to Watch

  • Hyperscience
  • Icreon
  • iTech Art Group
  • Sisense
  • Qloo
  • Caserta
  • Clarifai
  • Socure
  • Remesh
  • Alphasense

AI Research in NYC

Artificial Intelligence and research on machine learning continues to grow in 2018, and New York Creators look into the best educational institutes for artificial intelligence in New York. AI and machine learning with New York Creators. Focusing on solving the right kind of problems through artificial intelligence.

The future of women in artificial intelligence and the move towards good. Curious to know what we have learned about artificial intelligence in 2017 and the first part of 2018 with New York Creators augmenting creativity in 2018 with sources in music and film.

AI Pushing The Creative Frontiers

With excitement taking place across the frontiers of many different platforms in 2018, the creative industries, is one field where AI is showing great results. Already, AI is helping record labels compose the next pop ballad and fashion designers release the next line of fashion.



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