Blackbird and Buffalo Sabres Bring Highlights to the Cloud

If you are like me, and you grew up in Buffalo, New York, there is a good chance you are a Buffalo Sabres fan. Ever since I can remember, as a kid, I grew up playing hockey and watching hockey with my father and my two brothers. Now, I live in the city and it’s not as easy for me to watch a Buffalo Sabres game. Well, luckily, I can follow the game highlights on social media and online. So, in a way, it’s easier then ever to watch your favorite sports games. Thanks to Blackbird and MSG Networks, the Sabres are delivering some amazing content beyond the local channels through Blackbirds abilities. The Buffalo Sabres’ media team can access content and quickly edit, add closed captions and rapidly publish video highlights to social media and TV.

Technology has changed the game of the sports world, specifically when it comes to streaming content and uploading content onto multiple different platforms.

About Blackbird

Forbidden Technologies plc is the developer and seller of Blackbird. This state-of-the-art workstation experience sits in the cloud and with their extended partnership with the Buffalo Sabres, Blackbird enables the Buffalo Sabres’ media team to access, edit, add closed captions and rapidly publish video highlights of the NHL team’s games to social media and TV for the enjoyment of fans worldwide.

It’s All in the Blackbird Codec

Great news as well, Blackbird recently announced that the Buffalo Sabres have extended their Blackbird partnership.

“We rely on Blackbird to help us share our live content across multiple platforms,” said Mark Preisler, Pegula Sports and Entertainment’s Executive Vice President of Media and Content. “Blackbird technology keeps the process of posting video with captioning simple and efficient.”

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