Blockchain Technology and Digital Marketing in 2018

In 2018, blockchain technology has been making big waves in digital marketing and the use of blockchain technology for stronger marketing for both large and small companies. Here are some examples of Blockchain focus for 2018.

Blockchain technology, the Brave browser and BAT . By cutting out middlemen and those who relish in taking a cut, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is on a mission to bring the digital marketing model back to the simple framework of users, advertisers and publishers.

From sports marketing to technology of all sorts,

Utility Tokens Vs. Security Tokens in 2018

Knowing if Cryptocurrency is right for your business in 2018 is key as well. For example, both the gaming and medical marijuana industries, along with a number of other industries are benefiting from digital currency adoption. This is what digital currency adoption and blockchain technology is all about.

As blockchain promises to be a huge talk at Cannes this year, the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology along with smart contracts being very attractive for ad tech players, thanks to the tech’s inherent transparency. However, with no stable currency, making blockchain a non-starter for digital advertisers are keeping an eye for the stable cryptocurrency. Open source blockchain technology protocol.

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