The Garment District is the central fashion hub of the world and New York Creators envisions a future of the Garment District being the global central hub for the combination of fashion and technology acting as the main global location where garment manufacturers, fashion creatives, and fashion-focused tech companies and startups work closely together, collaborating on new designs, technologies and innovations for the overall fashion industry.

The Garment District Fashion Tech Startup Partnership Program

The Garment District Fashion Tech Startup Partnership Program is a planned proposal from New York Creators to develop a central incubator and hub for the advancement of relationships between fashion-focused tech companies, startups and the garment manufacturers of the Garment District. By acting as a hub and creating an environment that encourages startups to grow within the Garment District, while promoting direct collaboration between tech startups and local garment manufacturers, the Garment District will increase jobs within the local Garment District apparel manufacturing sector, and will become the central hub for fashion technology, designers, and creatives.

Fashion Technology

As New York Creators begins developing out the program alongside our team members, we insure the commitment to the program is high and the quality of output will remain high.

Fashion Tech in NYC