How to Find and Attract Investors

Finding funding and attracting investors to your startup takes a fool-proof plan and a strong team. It also depends on what stage of your life cycle you are at. First let’s determine what stage of the life cycle your startup or business is at.

Most businesses and startups are looking for seed capital for their great idea. Let’s look at the importance of seed capital.

Step 1 – Create a Fool-proof Plan

Okay, let’s be honest. Creating a fool-proof plan is almost impossible. And for us to think we are going to be able to create an outline on how to attract investors with this said plan is just plane silly. Nevertheless, there are some thing you may want to consider.

Let’s start with angel investors. Let’s create a list of possible angel investors and where to find these angel investors. How to seek them out and how to get their attention.

Attracting Investor Support

Develop out your network and create a team that you can truly rely on. This is crucial. how do you plan to develop out this team or are you intending on remaining a loan ranger throughout your whole startup journey. If you are, I would probably reevaluate what it is you are doing.

Recruiting Advisors For Your Startup
Startup Fundraising Platforms in New York
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