With plenty of wine merchants in New York City, and restaurants showcasing some of the best Italian outside of Italy, the City has thousands of Italian wines readily available. And with so many great selections of wiens, and the wines of Italy in NYC and the pairings of Italian wine with food from your favorite Italian restaurants and chefs from around the world currently working in New York City. Experience the best in Italian wine that NYC has to offer including where to shop for wide selection of Italian wine, and what restaurants are serving incredibles wines from the different regions of Italy.

Where to buy Amarone wine in NYC

Amarone is a delicious red wine that is typically dry. It is also known for being a very expensive wine. Amarone comes from Verona and this is where the wine story begins of this beautiful red wine, in the hills of the Valpolicella region. These wines are known for taking a long time to dry out and produce such delicious wine.



Brunello di Montalcino



Get to know Italian wine with New York Creators and our introduction to Italian wine with interviews from prominent chefs and restaurant owners.

Wine Regions of Italy

Italy has wine pretty much growing in all the different regions of the country. Veneto is an incredibly important wine region in Italy. Famous for Prosecco and the Glera grape. Marche and Abruzzo are two neighboring regions that are also very well known. Piedmont is where we will begin our journey into Italian wines.

Where to find Italian wine in New York City

Find Italian restaurants in New York City currently pairing Italian wine with Italian food and the wine shops, wine bars, and restaurants focusing on pairing international cuisine with wines from Italy.