Midtown Manhattan, is the center of NYC and the heart of the city. As the home of New York Creators, we are always looking for ways to  Midtown Manhattan’s local business community. Because Midtown is diverse and a wonder to many, there are plenty of fun things to do in Midtown.

Midtown Manhattan Attractions

From each corner of Midtown Manhattan, there is something special. With Columbus Circle offering shops, be sure to check out the Holiday Market in Columbus Circle.  Madison Avenue, Gulliver’s Gate, Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Madison Square Gardens, New York Public Library, the Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Time Square, what else do you want from a beautiful city like New York.


Midtown Manhattan offers plenty of events and places to see throughout each different neighborhood. Explore the best of Midtown Manhattan’s art and entertainment with local arts, music events, concerts, and museums.  Also, take advantage of the opportunity to explore Midtown Manhattan through the featured profiles here at New York Creators. From Midtown Manhattan Art Creators to Fashion Creators.

Also, explore the best of Midtown Manhattan’s architecture including the art deco designs of the empire state building and the world famous lights of Time Square.

Midtown Manhattan South

Starting below 42nd street, we begin to arrive at Midtown South.

The Garment District is one of the areas that we will be focusing on first here at New York Creators. Home to many fashion designers, showrooms, and labels, the Garment District is the district that built New York City’s reputation as the fashion capital of the world. It is also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or the Fashion Center

The Flat Iron District.



Midtown Manhattan and New York Creators focus on the best of Midtown. With our favorite parts of Midtown Manhattan. And Restaurant Row is up there as well as some of our favorite places in Midtown.

New York Creators absolute favorite place in New York City is our home in Midtown Manhattan. Why we love Midtown Manhattan in New York City and what we find to be so beautiful about Midtown Manhattan has to do with what Midtown means to us here at New York Creators.

From Times Square, Broadway and Rockefeller Center, New York Creators looks at the best of Midtown is the neighborhood many picture first when they think of New York.

With the top neighborhoods to live in New York City including some of our favorites.

For the absolute best restaurants in Midtown Manhattan. The area betweeen 34th and 59th is what is considered Midtown Manhattan and the Midtown Manhattan Creators available here at New York Creators.

What Makes Midtown Manhattan our Favorite?

We love the excitement that is Midtown Manhattan. We are excited for this energy and what it means for us.  With so many great neighborhoods in New York City.