The New York City Blockchain Creators Program, founded by New York Creators, bringing together the best blockchain developers in New York City to produce innovation within the developments of blockchain technology. Here at New York Creators, we envision a program built to increase awareness of the potential of blockchain technology and to harness the ability of blockchain technology for advancements within our local New York City communities. We strive to work closely with both public and private sectors to offer the best innovations for the future of blockchain technology.

Join the NYC Blockchain Creators

Interested in joining our team of NYC Blockchain Creators? We invite you to introduce yourself, your work, and what your focus is in the development of blockchain technology. Our focus is on providing a centrally located shared space for blockchain creators to advance their skills by connecting with fellow blockchain creators and connecting together within the blockchain ecosystem.

We are located in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan, and are currently developing a center for blockchain development right here in Midtown Manhattan.


New York Blockchain Creators Program is designed as a platform for the development of both public and private blockchain services. We develop customized smart contract language.

Blockchain and the Financial Sector