The Bronx Boom 2018

The Bronx Boom featuring our favorite local businesses located in Bronx, New York available here at New York Creators. Living in Bronx, New York in 2018 and experiencing the giant boom that is taking place now.

Art in Bronx, New York

The New York Botanical Garden and Georgia O’Keeffe in an exhibit called “Visions of Hawaii,” which showcases paintings the renowned artist completed during and after a trip she took to the islands in 1939.

Everyone loves O’Keefe’s New York Citysapes she produced. They are incredible to say the least. O’Keeffe’s paintings of colorful Hawaiian plants may come as a surprise, but the skill and beauty they exude is on par with the rest of her work.

Classical music in the Bronx is around if you look hard enough you will find some amazing culture taking place right in the Bronx.

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