The New York Creators Garment District Partner Program is a marketing and advertising initiative designed for Garment District local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and apparel companies, and businesses providing services within the Garment District. The collaborative promotional campaigns are designed to promote local NYC businesses and increase awareness and exposure to small businesses within the Garment District.

Value and Benefits

  • Advance SEO for local Garment District businesses.
  • Drive online traffic to local Garment District businesses.
  • Promote the Garment District and Garment District creators .

Fashion and the Garment District

The local Garment District area and the Fashion Creators and designers of the district will be featured here at New York Creators in the Summer of 2019 as part of our program for the Garment District. Here at New York Creators we focus in on offering the best content regarding the local Garment District.

Restaurants and the Garment District

Midtown Manhattan restaurants and eating in the local Garment District.